Out Of The Woods 



I handcraft each and every Out Of The Woods piece in a tiny village shed in beautiful West Dorset, England.

My 6x8" overlap 'workshop' rests beneath a patch of Dorset sky alive with the syrupy song of Skylarks, the evocative screech of hungry buzzards, the chatter of busy blackbirds and the occasional whine of my neighbour's lawnmower - rural idylls require maintenance you know! 

I use predominantly reclaimed hardwood offcuts, ply and locally sourced windfalls to create individual pieces. I label each piece with its own 'survival' story, detailing just how it made it 'out of the woods',  i.e.... from sagging kitchen shelf.... to fabulous new bookends!

No two pieces are identical, each proudly displays natural flaws in the wood and the delicate oddities of being handmade. That said, I take great care to finish each piece to a very high standard, its important to me that all my creations are tactile, that they make you want to pick them up and touch them, I want them to feel as good as they look.

I also produce my own wood finishes using natural dyes and waxes and use them on as many projects as possible. Some of these finishes are available to buy in my online shop. 

Every Out Of The Woods creation leaves me with oils on my skin, sawdust in my hair and a real sense of joy. It is my hope that my creations will leave YOU with something you'll treasure, put to good use and simply enjoy.

Come back soon, I'm always working on new creations!

***NEW: I'm currently working on creating some exciting upcycled treasures from vintage, long lost items - they will each have their own 'Out Of The Woods' story to tell

...so come back soon  - it will be worth the wait!***